Badminton Overview

Jr. High Badminton Teams

  • Tryout Process:  All students will participate in the Badminton Unit during PE class prior to tryouts.  If there is a significant number of students that express interest in trying out then there will be a in-class singles tournament to decide how many of the students can attend the team tryouts. Tryouts will take place before school on the designated dates from 7 am to 8:30 am
  • Team Composition:  For Jr High there is 2 teams, Jr Sr and Jr Jr.                              A badminton team consists of 2 Boys Singles, 2 Girls Singles, 2 Boys Doubles, 2 Girls Doubles, and 2 Mixed Doubles Teams for a total of 16 players.  There may be redshirts (practice players) on each team depending on the coaches preference. 
  • Season Commitments:  The Jr High season of play occurs in April - typically teams play in 2 tournaments on Saturdays and then a league tournament during the day on April 25th.  There is also a championship night for those teams that finish top 2 in the league tournament.

Sr. High 

Students interested in trying out for the Badminton team will need to attend tryouts. There is only 1 team for badminton. Each league match played the team needs to fill 1 Boys Singles, 1 Girls Singles, 1 Boys Doubles, 1 Girls Doubles, and 1 Mixed Doubles Teams. The coach will take more than 8 players to rotate and give rest for all players.

For the season of play the Sr. High team competes in league matches once a week competing for a Metro Division championship.  After the league schedule and playoffs all school are able to send teams to compete in the Zone tournaments for each team category and age category (Junior, Intermediate and Senior). The top 2 finishers from the Zone tournament in each age category will qualify for Provincials.