Basketball Overview

Jr. High 

  • Tryout Process:  Tryouts are open to all students, tryouts will take place in December during the morning 7:00 am to 8:30 am.  Once the tryouts dates are determined they will be posted on the website and on posters around the school.
  • Team Composition:  For Jr High there is typically 4 teams, Jr Sr Boys & Girls and Jr Jr. Boys and Girls.  These teams will typically have 12 players on them or however many the coach decided to take. We do strive to develop the players to the best of our ability so for Jr Jr teams the playing time is suggested to be fairly equal between players at that position during regular season play. In playoffs and medal games of tournaments play time is determined by the coach. Jr Sr team do play in more competitive matches so the play time will be less equal depending on the game.
  • Season Commitments:  Our Jr High teams play EIPS Division 1 for league games. Games are typically once a week on Tuesdays or Thursdays.  They will also compete in tournaments in Sherwood Park and Edmonton area. The Jr Jr Teams compete in 3 tournaments, the Jr Sr Teams compete in 4 tournaments. The season of play runs from mid December to March.

*If interest is high enough and there is a coach available then we will run teams for students in grade 7 that did not make the Jr Jr Team. 

Sr. High 

For Sr High students there is typically 4 teams, Jr Varsity Boys & Girls and Sr. Varsity Boys and Girls. They compete in the Metro Athletic Conference and the season runs from late November to March.

They compete in league game during the week; Sr Varsity on Monday and Wednesday, Jr Varsity on Tuesday and Thursdays. Their practices run on opposite days as games and then there are tournaments on some Fridays and Saturdays.

After the league season the Sr teams have the opportunity to qualify for the 3A Edmonton Zone Tournaments where they will advance to Provincials if they win the tournament.