2019 Ardrossan Bison Football Award Winners

Academic Awards: Aiden Bain

Most Improved Player Award: Keelan Verkland/Joseph Funk

Rookie of the Year Award: Dustin Jonker

Unsung Hero Award: Matthew Freier

Heart Award: Hayle Leuders

Most Valuable Player Special Teams: Laine Santos

Most Valuable Back Offense: Colton Strayer

Most Valuable Back Defense: Colton Strayer

The Terry Award: Kody Prusak

Most Valuable Defensive Lineman Award: Orrin Koop

Most Valuable Offensive Lineman Award: Aiden Bain

Most Valuable Player Defense Award: Kody Prusak

Most Valuable Player Offense Award: Evan McGeachy

Most Valuable Player Award: Hayle Leuders

Bison Football Executive

Congratulations and thank you to our

Bison AGM

President: Brian Carlson

Vice President: Melanie Doyle

Secretary: Nicole Foss

Treasurer: Janice Brownlee

Team Registrar: Dayna McGeachy

Fundraising: Sherry Byblow

Directors at Large: Raina Wadmann, Shelly Harvey, Lorraine Lueders, Samantha Koop

Head Trainer: Sue Carlson

Equipment Manager: Clint Byblow

Website: Willy Hankinson

Head Coach: Paul Schwartz

Bison Football

Our team mottos is...

A Message from the Coach

"I am looking forward to the upcoming season, knowing we have a solid group of returning players that are ready to hit the field. We are very excited about the potential that lies within this team and it will be our job, as a coaching staff, to bring that potential to the forefront. We continue to build our program with updated equipment and overall field and indoor facility improvements to allow our players to continue to grow as athletes. The upcoming season is going to be FUN! I invite everyone to come out and watch this year's team and show your continued support for the black, blue and white."

Earn the Right to Win!

It is not a right but a PRIVILEGE and an HONOUR to be a Bison and to wear the BLUE, BLACK, and WHITE team colours. Each player must be a team player and possess the "WE" attitude instead of the "ME" attitude. Individual performance is secondary to TEAM PERFORMANCE! Our team is based on PRIDE and HARD WORK. Intensity and excitement are part of every practice and game. What we put into our practices is directly proportional to what we bring home from our games. We expect all players and coaches to BE THE BEST they can be on every play! Bison players will be CONFIDENT in themselves and their efforts and TRUST each other and the football program. We will play one game at a time and prepare for one team at a time. Each player will possess a mature and POSITIVE ATTITUDE and share the philosophy of WORKING TOGETHER.

Five Qualities of a Champion

FOCUS "Focus on the purpose and expected outcome of each and every play".
PLAY HARD "Be as aggressive as the rules allow"
PLAY SMART "Be well prepared and execute according to the plan".
PLAY AS A TEAM "Work with and for each other".
HATE TO LOSE!  "It's not enough to want to win - you gotta hate to lose"!

Congratulations to the BISONS Football Team

A HUGE Congratulations to the Bisons football team who are the Gilfillian Division Champions after defeating the Sturgeon Spirits 31-2 in an exciting game at Commonwealth Stadium.  Next up is the Provincial quarter finals on Saturday November 10th at noon at Emerald Hills vs. The Stettler Wildcats.  Go BISONS!!

Steps to the Championship

VISION  "Dream in technicolour, set your goal on the championship win - and nothing less".
LEARN "Study the rules and techniques of play and be open to coaching advice".
PLAN "Know where you are going and make sure you have the skills and desire to get there".
EFFORT "Hard work is rewarded by success".
BELIEVE "Believe in yourself, your team and your dream"
PASSION "Play for the love of the sport of football".

Bison Football Schedule

Want to know when the next game is? Click on this link to see the full schedule.