Jr High Golf

2023 Golf Information

Students interested in participating on the golf team need to attend the meeting in April. Jr High Golf is a single tournament event on TBA with the following team spots available:  

  • 3 Boys Singles Players
  • 3 Girls Singles Players
  • 3 Scramble Team (any mix of players allowed)

If there is more interests than spots available then tryouts will take place. These will consist of a driving range trip (time/weather permitting) and students submitting scores from previous golf rounds. 

2023 Coaches: Mr. M Gordulic

2023 Practice Days: Practices time are TBA. Students are encouraged to do as much as their own schedules allow.

Bison Golf Results

2022 Scramble Team Champions - J Popik, H Kiziak, A Schmidt & K Pretzlaff