Graduation Eligibility

Graduation Eligibility

Eligibility Policy:

Students are eligible to participate in the Ardrossan High School Graduation Exercises provided they meet the criteria for the Alberta Education High School Diploma by the end of April.

Students who fail to meet the criteria for the High School Diploma after the deadline will have their eligibility for participation in the Senior Class Exercises reviewed by school administration.

Communication Process:

  1. Counselors meet with individual students who are at risk and follow-up with a letter to parents/guardians.
  2. The first Grad list is compiled in November.
  3. Grade 12s and parents attend an information meeting at the fall Parent-Teacher-Student interviews.
  4. Students complete and check course mark inquiries and note any inaccuracies /discrepancies.
  5. Accuracy of student status is checked and the Grad list is updated after first semester marks.
  6. The Grad list will be updated again in spring. Students must be on track to pass all courses.
  7. The final grad list will be updated before ticket sales draw in late May.

Graduation Eligibility:

  1. Students must earn a minimum of 100 credits including the following:
  • English 30-1 or 30-2
  • Social Studies 30-1 or 30-2
  • 10 30-level credits other than English and Social Studies
  • Math at the grades 10 and 11 levels (10 credits)
  • Science at the grades 10 and 11 levels (10 credits)
  • CALM (3 credits)
  • Physical Education 10 (3 credits)
  • 10 credits in CTS, Fine Arts, Second Languages, Phys. Ed. 20 or 30, K&E, RAP
  1. Grade 12 student must carry a minimum of 15 credits per semester.
  2. Students enrolled in Distance Learning, NextStep Outreach or CTS courses must complete 75% of their coursework by end of April.
  3. All school fees must be paid.


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