Student Services

Welcome to Student Services

Our team consists of our Educational Assistants, Mrs. Ewanovich (registrar), Ms. Rudnisky (educational assistant/distance learning facilitator), Ms. Adriana Footz (school counsellor) and Mrs. Tamia Richardson (school counsellor).

We assist students with program planning, career exploration, scholarship and post-secondary information, academic assessment, special program placements, extra help with academic subjects, coordination of distance learning materials, and short-term personal and group counselling. We also refer students and families to community agencies and other resources. Students who wish to see the counsellors can fill out a slip available outside our offices and drop it in the appointment box on our doors. We are available to meet with parents; please call to make an appointment with one of our counsellors, Ms. Footz or Mrs. Richardson at 780-922-2228.