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Retrieving Personal Belongings from Lockers

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.

Here is the process for retrieving personal belongings from lockers at Ardrossan Jr/Sr High School.

We will be following strict protocol and ask that you follow directions in order to helping us minimize the risk of infection, and keeping staff, students and families safe. We are only permitting small groups, at scheduled intervals to retrieve belongings. All families wishing to retrieve their belongs must sign up for a scheduled time slot, the same as if you were booking a parent/teacher interview.  During this time slot, it is the parent and students’ responsibility to gather their belongings from their locker and/or gym locker.


Wednesday March 18th, 2020:

8:45am to 3:15pm (15 minute booking slots)


Thursday March 19th, 2020:

8:45am to 3:15pm (15 minute booking slots)


Friday March 20th, 2020:

8:45am to 3:15pm (15 minute booking slots)


1) Please book a 15 minute slot to attend (if 2 siblings book one slot, more than 2 siblings book 2 slots) see link below.  At this point, staff will not be able to answer questions about school programming.

2) You will enter the school at your designated time via main school doors, proceed to student locker and gym locker (please bring a bag etc.) then proceed to exit from school via gym doors.  In order to reduce the risk of transmission, only students who attend AJS are permitted to enter.  Please do not bring additional siblings, family members or friends.

3) Please return all library books/uniforms and any outstanding semester 1 textbooks to the Learning Commons area before you leave.

4) You will retrieve your belongings quickly in order for us to follow proper protocol and give every student an opportunity. We will be checking you off our list as you enter our school and as you leave. 

5) We ask that you proceed as quickly as possible with the process when you arrive in order for us to be able to accommodate all 854 students in 3 days.

6) People who are sick will not be permitted to enter the school.  This includes zero tolerance for any sign of illness, no matter how mild the symptoms.  These are not limited to just the recognized symptoms of COVID 19-these include a runny nose, coughing and sneezing, congestion, signs of a high temperature or complaints of achiness and fatigue.  Students or guardians exhibiting symptoms will not be permitted to enter the building.

7) Please bring your own bags for your belongings.

8) If you are not able to come during the scheduled times, please choose another person to come on your behalf. Choose a time slot and notify us via email of who the person is at the General School Contact on the website.

The booking site is now live:

To book your locker retrieval times: or CLICK HERE

enter the school code: pbqqp (all lower case) and follow the screen prompts


You will need to enter an e-mail address to receive confirmation of your time.

You will need to enter your son’s/daughter’s name. please just book one 15 minute time slot. (if 2 siblings book one slot, more than 2 siblings book 2 slots)




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