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Updated EIPS Operations Guidelines 2021-22

Below is a link to the updated EIPS Operations Guidelines 2021-22. Late Friday, the province released its updated guidance documents for schools and the COVID-19 Alberta Health Daily Checklist. Those recommendations and changes are now incorporated in the EIPS Operations Guidelines 2021-22. For convenience, the updated information is highlighted in yellow. Please read through the document, so you are as prepared as possible for in-person learning starting tomorrow, January 10.

EIPS Operations Guidelines 2021-22

The major changes include:

Reporting (page 5):

AHS no longer has the capacity to inform schools or school divisions about individual COVID-19 cases. As such, and because of the widespread community transmission of the Omicron virus, schools no longer notify families when a COVID-19 case is reported at a school. Instead, schools report illness absenteeism to AHS. Anyone experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or who test positive is asked to notify the school or Division to ensure the proper reporting and public-health protocols.

Isolation requirements (page 5)

The province recently made changes to isolation requirements for those who test positive for COVID-19. For those fully vaccinated, isolate for five days or until symptoms resolve, whichever is longer. After the five-day isolation, wear a mask for another five days at all times when around others. For those unvaccinated, isolate for 10 days or until symptoms resolve, whichever is longer. Regardless of vaccination status and test results, it’s imperative individuals stay home if experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms until they resolve.

At-home rapid tests and mask use (pages 6-7):

The province is supplying all students and staff with 10 rapid tests and medical-grade masks. Distribution will start the week of January 10. Medical-grade masks are recommended for students and required, as the minimum standard, for all EIPS staff, contractors and volunteers.

COVID-19 Alberta Health Daily Checklist (page 11-12):

The province updated the COVID-19 Alberta Health Daily Checklist—there were lots of updates made to the document. Make sure to review the checklist every day before entering an EIPS building, school or bus. If you or your child answer “yes” to any of the questionnaire questions, stay home and follow its instructions.


Large-group gatherings (page 15):

Large-group gatherings—examinations, assemblies, convocations, performances, team activities, field trips and other social get-togethers—are determined on a case-by-case basis. At the current time, schools are limiting gatherings to avoid the mixing of students and cohorts as much as possible. As such, assemblies; celebratory events; extracurricular sports, intramural, interschool and performance activities; and school-based meetings are temporarily suspended. When COVID-19 case counts stabilize, these activities will resume.

Preparing for potential shifts to at-home learning (page 20)

With the rise in COVID-19 cases, it’s possible schools will face operational challenges that impact learning continuity for students. If that happens, a school may decide to transition a class or grade group to temporary online learning—for a 10-day period—similar to temporary online learning in 2020-21.

After-hour rentals (page 21):

For the month of January 2022, all EIPS after-hours facility rentals are temporarily suspended. EIPS reviews its protocols for after-hour rentals on an ongoing basis. It hopes to resume rentals in February 2022.

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