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Ardrossan Jr. Sr. High School is an attractive and progressive educational institution located approximately 10 minutes east of Sherwood Park in a quiet rural setting. The school is home to approximately 823 students and 50 staff members. Ardrossan offers students a wide variety of opportunities to make student programs challenging and interesting.


As we are a combined junior/senior high school, our staff and administration get to know our students very well during their years at Ardrossan. There is a strong sense of "family" at our school.

Most staff members instruct classes at both the junior and senior levels, giving them a comprehensive view of the curriculum and of student progress. The staff at Ardrossan are committed to promoting excellence in both their teaching and in their expectations of their students.

We have the advantage of being a rural school, rich in tradition, but with urban facilities and programs. In addition to academic excellence, we excel in Drama, Music, Art, Career and Technology Studies and Athletics. We have a very high attendance rate and high school completion rate.

The school has a strong sense of parent and community involvement highlighted by very active, parent committees: Band Parents, Parent Advisory Council and Football Parent Committees. These partnerships provide invaluable assistance and financial support for many program projects. They help make Ardrossan a special place to be.


Lonnie Hicks, Acting


Kelly Ferguson, Acting Assistant Principal
Trudi Williamson, Assistant Principal


Dream! Believe! Achieve!


The mission of Ardrossan Junior Senior High School is to achieve educational excellence in preparing students for their future. As a community of learners, we are working to make today's dreams, tomorrow's reality.


All students can experience personal success and reach their full potential in a secure and nurturing environment.


School Virtues:
Integrity, Loyalty, Respect, Commitment

Integrity - Do the right thing even when no one is looking – students exhibit characteristics of responsibility, punctuality, honesty. 

Loyalty - Dedication to your goals and to those around you – be true to a positive Ardrossan culture.

Respect - Treat others the way you want to be treated – being present in learning and social environments. Treat yourself and others with dignity.

Commitment - Do your best to reach your goals.  Make a plan and follow through with it.

Education Plan

Ardrossan Jr. Sr. High School's education plan includes school goals and Provincial Achievement Test and Diploma Exam results. Please click below to view the following:

AJS School Education Plan 2023-24

Programs and Services

Academically, the school offers a number of programs and courses to meet a wide variety of students needs, including a French Immersion program, Honours program (8-12), Knowledge and Employability program (8-12), Career and Technology Studies, and a full and varied complement of core and complimentary/option classes for all grade levels.

Athletics are an important part of the Ardrossan experience, and there are ample opportunities to participate in both team and individual sports, at the class, intramural, or school team level. Over 30 school teams provide athletic opportunities for students on an annual basis. Excellent facilities include two large gyms, wellness centre, tennis courts, outdoor basketball courts, a track and assorted playing fields.

Visual Arts - This program offers a wide selection of art experiences, including drawing, painting, design, sculpture, printmaking, and computer art. It provides an opportunity for students to creatively explore their skills and ideas in many varieties of media.

Music - The music programs are designed to allow students to develop their skill both as performers and consumers of music. These programs provide students with a great opportunity to participate in a variety of different ensembles such as Concert Band, Jazz Band, and other smaller groups.

Drama - Drama provides an exciting look at the wonderful world of theatrical performance, in both improvisational and scripted situations. The program in high school is geared towards performance for an audience, and the process one goes through from first rehearsal to presentation.

Peer Leadership - Energetic groups of students who encourage school spirit, organize special activities and generally promote the school to the community.

Ardrossan Excellence Program - This program is for motivated grade 9 students who are seeking a rewarding academic experience. It offers enrichment, acceleration and challenge to students. Honours courses involve more time and require greater work than regular courses but they also offer greater opportunity for individual progress and accomplishment.

French Immersion - The French Immersion program is a sequential course of study which encompasses ECS through Grade 12. Ardrossan is the only Elk Island School to offer this program in Grades 7 through 12. This program provides an opportunity for students to study, speak, listen, read and write in French.

French as a Second Language 10-30, Spanish 10-30 - These are sequential courses of study. These programs provide an opportunity for students to study, speak, listen, read and write in French and Spanish. 

Career and Technology Studies - Offers students the skills and confidence needed to explore career options or enter today's workforce. Students learn and develop many life and work skills in the following areas: Career Transitions, Communication Technology, Construction, Fabrication, Fashion Studies, Food Studies, Information Processing, and Mechanics.

Off Campus Education program in which the school and the community combine resources in order to provide opportunities for students to familiarize themselves with the world of work. Two additional areas are the Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) and the Green Certificate Farm Program.


The library offers a wide variety of learning and research materials in a range of formats (books, magazines, newspapers, online databases). Students are welcome to use the library during their breaks for their course work and for their personal reading and studying.

Three full sized computer labs feature Windows 10 and give students access to personal accounts to work with Microsoft Office programs, Internet, and other subscription programs (Career Cruising, Inspirations, Exam Bank).

A full service cafeteria operated by the school provides an assortment of meals, including daily specials for staff and students. The cafeteria sits over 300 students and provides meals for special events and athletic tournaments.

A range of fun activities and clubs are organized on a volunteer basis. The school actively supports a number of programs (recycling, Christmas Bureau, etc.) through annual events and contests.

Study Skills information sessions are provided to students and their parents to facilitate the development of study skills and their application to the various subject areas.

Peer tutoring by high school students is offered to students in junior high.

Counselling and Off Campus Education services provide essential support in reaching student goals and facilitate career guidance and career research.

Ardrossan PRIDE certificates are given to students who exhibit good citizenship in the school.

With these opportunities, students are able to prepare for further studies and careers while developing other talents as well.

Welcome to Ardrossan/ Bienvenue à Ardrossan

Dream, Believe, Achieve! /Rêvez, Croyez, Accomplissez!

All students can experience personal success and reach their full potential in a secure and nurturing environment.
Tous les élèves peuvent faire l'expérience de succès personnel et atteindre leur plein potentiel dans un environnement sécuritaire et enrichissant.

Respect          Loyalty          Commitment          Integrity
Respect          Intégrité           Loyauté            Engagement

Grade Level Assemblies

Today the students got to attend their Grade Level Assemblies.  Please click here to view the content presented at these assemblies.

PowerSchool Parent Portal

Welcome to Ardrossan Junior Senior High School PowerSchool Portal.  The PowerSchool Portal provides parents and students access to information, such as, attendance, assignment descriptions, due dates, and student progress. This information allows parents and staff to help students in reaching their learning goals.  Sign in is easy through the Ardrossan Jr. Sr. High School website home page:

In your browser go to http://www.ardrossan.ca
1. Click on the PowerSchool link.
2. The PowerSchool Portal Login window will appear.

The PowerSchool Parent and Student portals are now accessible at all EIPS schools using your mobile devices and connecting to the school guest wireless networks. The PowerSchool portal allows access to flex scheduling as well as other PowerSchool information

You can connect to the Parent or Student portal by going to https://powerschool.eips.ca/public and logging in with your assigned user ID and password.

NOTE: The parent portal will be unavailable EVERY Sunday between 9:00 and 10:00 pm due to scheduled regular maintenance.