Athletics Overview

Bison Athletics Program Philosophy

Program Goals:
The athletic program at Ardrossan Junior/Senior High School is concerned with the development of the individual and athlete as a whole.  The program is designed to challenge the students to develop personal successes in various athletics, while also encouraging the formation of a value system that includes fair play, integrity, and respect.  With a positive learning experience being ensured by knowledgeable coaches and administrators at the helm, the program will promote excellence in the area of competitve athletics.  It is important that each "Bison" athlete understand that winning is important, however, how we achieve that win is much more important.

Program Objectives:
a) The development of physical skills and a strong self concept which will enable participation in a wide variety of athletics at a highly competitive level;
b) The development of social skills which promote exemplary standards of behaviour and positive relationships with others in a competitve atmosphere;
c) The installment of knowledgeable coaches with positive attitudes that facilitate a positive learning enviroment for athletes to develop in;
d) The development of an excellent communication base with athletes, parents, coaches, and the press so as to facilitate the programs successfully;
e) Provide access to home based competitions and tournaments designed to challenge athletes, showcase our athletics, and above all, provide enjoyment to our student body

Brandon St. Peter - Senior High Athletic Director
Michael Gordulic - Junior High Athletic Director

Athletics Websites

Sr. High Athletics

Edmonton Metro Athletics league schedules and results can be found and downloaded to your mobile calendar .

Athlete of the Year

Ardrossan Athletics Athlete of the Year Award Criteria
Junior and Senior High Athletics

The following is the criteria used at our Athletic Awards Ceremony to award our "Athlete of the Year" for both Jr. and Sr. High Athletics.

1.  Grade 9 & 12 – 1 pt
2.  Playing a Sport – 1 pt each sport
3.  MVP – 3 pts (Volleyball, Basketball & Football x2)
4.  Bison – 2 pts (Volleyball, Basketball & Football x2)
5.  Iron Bison - 2 pts (Volleyball, Basketball & Football x2)
6.  Most Improved – 1 pt (Volleyball, Basketball & Football x2)

Jr High Cross Country/Track & Field Points

a) Qualifying from the Ardrossan race/meet to go to an EIPS event - 1 pt 

b) Attending and participating in the EIPS event - 1 pt

c) Placing in the top 10 of the EIPS or Zones Cross Country - 1 pt

d) Placing in the top 5 of the EIPS or Zones Track & Field - 1 pt