Physical Education

Course Outlines

2023/2024 PE Department

Mr. Kelly Ferguson

Mr. Michael Gordulic

Mr. Brandin St. Peter

Ms. Katelyn Monae

Mr. Tyler Van Berkel

Mr. Mackenzie Enger

Junior High Physical Education:

Physical Education Classes at Ardrossan Junior Senior are either on a Day 1 or Day 2 schedule.  Therefore students receive an 84 minute class every second day.

September: Cross Country, Football, Soccer and Tennis
October:   Football, Soccer and Tennis
November:  Basketball
December:  Social Dance
January:  Volleyball
February: Handball
March:  Badminton
April:  Games
May:  Track and Field
June:  Softball

Outdoor Activities may include:
Non-contact Rugby, variations of Softball, Capture the Flag, Basketball, Beach Volleyball, Hikes to Ardrossan Rec Centre, Hike at Strathcona Wilderness Centre, Disc Golf at Rundle Park and Bowling.

Indoor Activities may include:
Floor Hockey, Dodge Ball, Speedball, Soccer, Baseball and Fitness runs.
The activities usually run during the following months:-

Senior High Physical Education 10, 20, and 30

Senior High classes are semestered and are 84 minutes in length. 

PE 10 is offered as a co-ed 3 or 5 credit course
(A 3 credit course is every second day and is often paired with Calm 10 on the alternate day.  5 Credit classes occur every day for one semester.)    PE 10 is a required class to complete a high school diploma and PE 20 and 30 are 5 credit optional courses.  

Senior High Physical Education includes most of the above units and activities, with the added dimension of more off site field trips, including Yoga, Spin bike classes, Ice Hockey, Indoor Soccer at Millennium Place and Fitness Swims.