In-House Awards & Scholarships

In House Awards

In-House Awards & Scholarships 

All current Grade 12 High School students are eligible to participate in our school based awards program. With the support of community and corporate sponsorship, students can earn recognition for outstanding citizenship, volunteerism, athletic and academic achievements. Beginning in the spring of each year, students can complete the In-House Awards application process. Deadline is March 15. These are awarded and presented at the fall awards night after graduation.

Step 1:

Please read the Awards Criteria to determine those awards you wish to be considered for. Then fill out the form below by clicking on the link.

Awards Criteria

Step 2:

Check your email for a Google form in which you indicate which scholarship you feel you qualify for and would like to apply for. 

We will contact you for further information depending on the scholarship.   

Chris Sorensen Art 30 Scholarship ($250): Awarded annually to a student who has completed Art 30 and clearly shows passion and desire to grow as an artist, both in their technical ability and their creativity.

Chris Sorensen Career & Technology Scholarship ($250): Awarded annually to a senior high student enrolled in CTS Mechanics, Fabrication or Construction who plans on pursuing a career in a trade. The recipient of the award should demonstrate a high level of desire to learn the trade through classroom participation and good work ethic. 

Dalin Torresen Leadership Scholarship ($250): Awarded to two (one male, one female) students who have shown excellent character and leadership in the school and community. 

Delta Kappa Gamma Society International Eta Chapter, Sherwood Park – Education Grant: Eta offers a $500 grant for graduating students from Elk Island Public Schools who are planning to enter the field of teacher education. One grant will be awarded for applicants attending post-secondary in September 2024. DEADLINE: June 15

Delta Kappa Gamma Grant 2024

Elk Island ATA Local #28 Award ($500): Awarded to a grade 12 student who has demonstrated a high level of achievement in high school, and whose parent is a member of the ATA Local #28.

Elk Island ATA Local #28 Award Application Form

French Language Scholarship ($250): Ardrossan Chapter of CPF (Canadian Parents for French) awards a Grade 12 student who has shown the most effort to improve her/his French language skills including use of the language in class, work ethic & class participation.

Kevin Gaetz Award ($ amount varies): Awarded to a graduating Grade 12 student demonstrating perseverance and commitment to post-secondary education. The student also demonstrates financial need that would restrict their ability to pursue their post-secondary studies. Five awards given throughout EIPS. ($ amount varies)

Five awards given throughout EIPS.

Kevin Gaetz Award Details

Konica Minolta Scholarship ($500): These scholarship awards are to recognize and support students who have overcome some level of adversity to continue their learning and graduate from high school. Three scholarships will be awarded to students demonstrating work ethic, optimism, resilience, knowledge and success while successfully graduating with an Alberta High School Diploma or an Alberta High School Certificate of Achievement.

Konica Minolta Scholarship Criteria

OpenCircle ($300): Awarded to a hardworking Grade 12 student enrolled in Construction.

Premier's Citizenship Award: Students apply after being nominated by a School Counsellor. Students must have displayed outstanding characteristics in citizenship, leadership, and community service, and/or engagement in volunteer work. (Student receives a certificate and a letter from the Premier). Please see Student Services for the application form.

Sherwood Park Rotary Scholarship($1,000): Awarded to a student who has demonstrated significant academic improvement during their high school career, and who has made contributions to their school and/or community consistent with the Rotary motto of "service before self." To receive their award, each student must provide an indication of conditional admission to a program of study offered by a recognized post-secondary institution. Five awards given throughout Sherwood Park. 

Sherwood Park Elks Scholarship ($400): Awarded to a Grade 12 student who has shown their commitment to volunteerism and involvement in school and community. Must have post-secondary conditional acceptance.

Sherwood Park Elks Scholarship Information

Sherwood Park Elks Scholarship Application Form

Sr. High Leadership Award ($100): Awarded to a student who demonstrates leadership qualities both through voluntary & academic actions.

WesTEC: Awarded to two EIPS students for academic achievements, demonstration of innovation, and pursuits in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). ($500 each) DEADLINE: end of April.