Student Information Form for Applying for Scholarships

Student Information Form - Scholarships

Please consider completing this form when a teacher reference letter is required to apply for a scholarship. This form will provide the teacher with a better picture of your background in order to provide a strong letter for you.

Download the form, Save As with a new name, complete. Print or email to your references.

Awards & Scholarships

Be prepared to spend some time on applying for scholarships. Start collecting reference letters during your high school years for volunteer work. Your training and education will cost money, but you may be eligible for scholarships, bursaries, and grants to help you pay for school. Scholarships aren’t just for students with top grades. You can get scholarships for things like leadership, sports, volunteering, or membership with specific groups.  The Government of Alberta provides detailed information on the process of applying for scholarships.

There are many additional scholarship opportunities hosted as databases by various organizations. The Alberta government provides a curated list for students to further research. Scroll through the link below to find the desired section. 

How to Apply for Scholarships and Bursaries


Scholarship Sources

1. Ardrossan Jr. Sr. High School Awards Program

All current Grade 12 High School students are eligible to participate in our school based awards program. With the support of community and corporate sponsorship, students can earn recognition for outstanding citizenship, volunteerism, athletic and academic achievements. Beginning in the spring of each year (March), students can complete the In-House Awards application process. 

In-House Awards & Scholarships 


2. Post-Secondary Institutions

Alberta Post-Secondary Institutions Scholarships


3. Government

The government of Alberta encourages and rewards the excellence of Alberta students through the Alexander Rutherford Scholarship program. Check out current information including deadlines and eligibility. 

Alexander Rutherford Scholarship

The Alberta Scholarships listing contains scholarships and awards sponsored by the Government of Alberta and administered by Student Aid Alberta. This listing is hosted on the Student Aid Alberta website.

Alberta Scholarships Listing


4. Clubs, Companies, Service or Cultural organizations, and Unions you and your family belong to.


Additional Scholarship Opportunities

Josephburg Agricultural Society Scholarship - Annually, the Josephburg Agricultural Society awards two $1000.00 scholarships; these awards are based equally on academic achievement and community involvement. In addition, a separate $1000 scholarship in memory of our long-standing Director and JAS volunteer, Doug Maschmeyer will be awarded. In all, three $1000 scholarships will be awarded.

Diana Balbar Scholarship Information - In recognition of Diana's valuable contribution to the community through volunteerism as well as her efforts in promoting youth volunteerism, The Ardrossan Recreation & Agricultural Society (ARAS) is proud to offer $1000 annually.

Diana Balbar Scholarships Application Form

Month-Month Local and National Scholarships - This document provides a variety of provincial and Canadian scholarships (some are Grade 9-11) organized by month deadlines.



Check out these websites for further scholarships sources: