Student Information Form for Applying for Scholarships

Student Information Form - Scholarships

Please consider completing this form when a teacher reference letter is required to apply for a scholarship. This form will provide the teacher with a better picture of your background in order to provide a strong letter for you.

Scholarships and Financing Post-Secondary Education

Alberta Rutherford - To apply for the Alexander Rutherford Scholarship, please go to:

Student Aid Alberta has made applying easier by implementing a new online application process. Please be aware of the following:

* online application will be available in July AFTER YOU GRADUATE

* Paper copies of the Alexander Rutherford application are no longer being accepted

* No more application deadlines. Apply online anytime - once you have accepted by your preferred post-secondary institution, have proof of enrolment, and have a myPass account

* existing award amount, standards for academic merit, and excellence does not change


This document provides a variety of provincial and Canadian scholarships (some are Grade 9-11) organized by month deadlines.

Month-Month Scholarships


Check out these websites for further information:


In-House Awards & Scholarships - Applications NOT OPEN YET - UPDATE TO COME

If you are a grade 12 student who has volunteered your time either in the community or at Ardrossan Jr. Sr. during your high school years, and you have plans for post-secondary education, and/or you are in a position of financial need, please see Mrs. Boake or Mrs. Richardson to apply for an in-house scholarship. A number of these are available with varied criteria. Deadline is April 30. There are a few scholarships that have an earlier deadline. These are awarded and presented at the fall awards night after graduation.

Step 1:

Please fill out the form below by clicking on the link.

You can print and complete these forms by hand if you wish. There are paper copies in Student Services.

In-House Scholarship Application Form 

Awards Criteria

Step 2:

If you are applying for any of the scholarships with their own application form, please fill out that form and the In-House Scholarship Application Form in Step 1.

NOT AVAILABLE 2020-2021 - ACT/UCT Turk Mahan Memorial Scholarship ($500): given to a student enrolled in a post-secondary or apprenctice program

ACT/UCT Turk Mahan Memorial Scholarship Information

ACT/UCT Turk Mahan Memorial Scholarship Application Form

Chris Sorensen Art 30 Scholarship ($250): Awarded annually to a student who has completed Art 30 and who has demonstrated a passion for the visual arts.

Chris Sorensen Career & Technology Scholarship ($250): Awarded annually to a senior high student enrolled in CTS Mechanics, Fabrication or Construction who plans on pursuing a career in a trade. The recipient of the award should demonstrate a high level of desire to learn the trade through classroom participation and good work ethic. 

Dalin Torresen Leadership Scholarship ($250): Awarded to two (one male, one female) students who have shown excellent character and leadership in the school and community. 

Elk Island ATA Local #28 Award ($500): Awarded to a grade 12 student who has demonstrated a high level of achievement in high school and has received conditional acceptance to post-secondary in the Faculty of Education.

Elk Island ATA Local #28 Award Application Form

French Language Scholarship ($250): Awarded to a Grade 12 student who has shown the most effort to improve her/his French language skills including use of the language in class, work ethic & class participation.

Kevin Gaetz Award ($ amount varies): This award is awarded to a student who meets the entrance requirements for their choice of post-secondary studies, have financial need that would restrict the Student’s ability to pursue such post-secondary studies; together with perseverance and commitment to post-secondary education. Five awarded throughout EIPS. Application due March 26th.

Kevin Gaetz Award Details

Merit Contractors Association Award ($300): Awarded to a hardworking Grade 12 student enrolled in Career & Technology Studies, specifically Construction.

Premier's Citizenship Award: Students apply after being nominated by a Guidance Counsellor. Students must have displayed outstanding characteristics in citizenship, leadership, and community service, and/or engagement in volunteer work. (Student receives a certificate and a letter from the Premier)

Premier's Citizenship Award Application Form

RICOH Works Scholarship ($500): Awarded to a graduating Grade 12 student demonstrating Work Ethic, Optimism, Resilience, Knowledge and Success. Created for a student who has overcome some level of adversity and is deserving of support in his/her pursuit of further learning.

RICOH WORKS Scholarship Information

RICOH WORKS Scholarship Application Requirements

Rotary Club Vocational Award ($500): Awarded to a student who has made a significant improvement in overall achievement from grade 10-12 and has definite career focus – requires post-secondary conditional acceptance.

NOT AVAILABLE  2020-2021 - Sherwood Park Breakfast Lions Club Bursary ($ amount varies): Awarded to a grad who has voluntarily committed tie to school and community.

Sherwood Park Elks Scholarship ($400): Awarded to an EIPS grad who commitment to volunteerism and involvement in school and community. Must have post-secondary conditional acceptance. Students with financial need will be given consideration.

Sherwood Park Elks Scholarship Information

Sherwood Park Elks Scholarship Application Form

Sr. High Leadership Award ($100): Awarded to a student who demonstrates leadership qualities both through voluntary & academic actions.




For detailed information on the scholarship application process visit:



Cost Calculator - The University of Alberta Recruitment Team has created an easy way for students determine the cost of their first year.  Simply visit the tuition & scholarships page at and click on the Cost Calculator.  Note, estimations are based on current academic year assessments for an Undergraduate.