Math Course Descriptions

Please view an outline of our course descriptions through all the grades.

Math Course Descriptions

Senior High Mathematic Pathways

Typical Paths for Completion of Math 30-1:

Pathway 1:   
Math 10C  --------->  Math 20-2  ---------> Math 30-2 --------->  Math 30-1
This pathway is particularly suited to students who found the algebra portion (factoring, radicals, systems of equations) of Math 10C challenging and would benefit from the extra time that this pathway provides. After completion of Math 30-2, some students may choose to end with Math 30-2 if future plans do not require Math 30-1, but there is a choice.

Pathway 2:  
Math 10C  --------->  Math 20-1 ---------> Math 30-1
This pathway is particularly suited to students who excelled in the algebra portion of path 10C and for those students who wish to complete Math 31.

Alberta Govt. Learning Resource

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Math Help

Tutors Wanted.  If you are a strong mathematics student and would like to join our tutoring program initiative please see Mrs. Gustafson in room 108. 
If you require a tutor please contact one of our counsellors or Mrs. Gustafson or your mathematics teacher so we can help you arrange it.