Band Camp

Gull Lake

November 1 and 2


Program Overview

Ardrossan Jr. Sr. High offers lots of opportunities to study music. The programs are as follows:

During the regular school day:


Outside the regular school day schedule:

  • Jazz Bands – 5 – Credit Course
  • Marching Band (all grades)




*Students/parents need to sign-up again at the beginning of each school year. is a mass messaging system.  It will be used for reminders for things like Concert Dates, required materials/practice/tests/forms, and announcements. Remind is for Students and Parents

Use the Remind App, Text, or Email the code below

Text – 587-409-5907
Email - (remove the @ in front of the code for email)

Note: Students under 13 years old need parental permission (in the app) to join the class.


Band 7 – @ajsband7
Band 8 – @ajsband8
Band 9 – @ajsband9
Senior Band – @ajssrband
Senior Jazz Band 1 – @ajssrjazz1
Senior Jazz Band 2 – @ajsjrhjazz2

General Music 10/20/30 – @ajsgenmus

You may reply to messages and they come directly to Mr. B. This is a quick easy way to answer simple questions. Please do not use this for a formal communication method. For important or pressing communication phone or email directly.
Note: The system may reply with a different number or email.

The phone number is not Mr. Basaraba’s phone number and is part of a messaging system. To unsubscribe simply reply ‘unsubscribe


The Ardrossan Music Parents Society (A.M.P.S.) is a non-profit organization that works directly with the school to help fund and give input on decisions for the Music Program at Ardrossan Jr. Sr. High. They hold monthly meetings in the Band Room, and meetings are open door. There are positions that are elected but all parents are welcome and encouraged to come. Ask Mr. B for more information if you are interested in attending.

Home Practice

Home practice is vital for students to gain skills when it comes to playing a musical instrument. Practicing at home strengthens muscles and reinforces technique. With performance on a musical instrument, time performing is one of the main assets and the most productive ways to improve. Students are strongly encouraged to practice at home.

Practice does not need to be a big task, it is best if treated as structured play. It is better to practice more regularly for shorter durations rather than practice for 4 hours on the weekend.

For students that rent instruments from the school, ask Mr. Basaraba about the possibility of a second instrument at home to practice on.

Contact Mr. B

Please don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Basaraba for any reason. Best ways are to Email: or call the school 780-922-2228.