Off Campus Education

Off Campus Education

Off Campus Education consists of three components, Work Experience, RAP, and Health Services Summer Internship.

Work Experience
allows students to explore the world of work while earning credits.  Work experience can be taken at any time during the school year.  The student can earn as many as 15 credits towards their high school diploma.  Work Experience 35 can also qualify as one of the 30 level diploma course requirements. 

If a student is interested in taking Work Experience they should talk to their grade level Counsellor in Student Services.

Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP)
RAP opens the door for high school students to gain work experience, and develop skills and abilities in a career they are interested in pursuing after high school. In return, RAP employers pay the apprentices' wage, and provide on-the-job training in one of Alberta's 50 trades. 

The time a RAP student spends at school and on the work site is quite flexible. The student, school and employer jointly agree to a suitable schedule. The student might work as a RAP apprentice for a semester, half a day, or one or two days a week. Summers, holidays and weekends are also an option to get the most out of this opportunity. If a student is interested in RAP please contact Mrs. Richardson in Student Services.