French Immersion

What is French Immersion?

French immersion is a highly successful approach to second language learning. The program is an effective way for students to become functionally fluent in French while achieving all of the objectives of the regular English school program. The program is a sequential course of study which encompasses ECS through to Grade 12 and allows students an opportunity to study, speak, listen, read and write in French.

Ardrossan Jr. Sr. High School offers a French Immersion (FI) Program for Grades 7 through 12. A full program is offered at the junior high level and a variety of core courses at the senior high level. The junior high program includes French Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Math and English Language Arts. Students in the FI Program can take advantage of cultural activities and exchanges, important educational aspects of the program.

Should you wish to read further about individual courses, please refer to those courses under the Programs Tab and view the relevant course outline.  Additionally, if you require information regarding graduating with a bilingual High School diploma or possible language bursaries, please contact a member of the administration or a school counselor.

The Ardrossan French Immersion Program is proud of:

  • We offer the following courses in French. French Language Arts, Science 10,Biology, Chemistry, Social Studies, Math 10C, Math 20-1 and Math 30-1 at all levels.
  • Great retention rate from Jr. High to Sr. High year after year
  • Great rapport and relationship with each class/grade year after year
  • Strong results and performance on provincial achievement tests (Grade 9) and diploma exams Grade 12) yearly
  • Strong rate of participation from French Immersion students and success in sports, band, drama, exchanges, etc.
  • Maintains a strong enrollment since beginning in 1989-90
  • Many graduates continue on to Campus Saint-Jean University of Alberta (French University program) and to the University of Ottawa
  • Strong local Canadian Parents for French chapter (Ardrossan) that supports our program
  • Offering possibilities for exchange programs to Québec and France

French Immersion at the Junior Level

École Ardrossan Jr. Sr. High offre l’immersion française de la 7e jusqu’à la 12 e année. Pour les élèves en Junior High les cours qui se déroulent en français sont les mathématiques, les études sociales, les sciences et le français langue seconde. Les élèves suivront également un cours d’anglais ainsi que des cours d’options.

French Immersion at the High School Level

École Ardrossan Jr. Sr. High offre les cours ci-dessous : FLA, Études Sociales, Sciences 10, Biologie, Chimie, Maths 10C, 20-1 et 30-1. Cliquez le lien ci-dessous pour une description des cours.

High School Level Course Outlines