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Cybersecurity Update: Important information for families

As part of EIPS’ ongoing commitment to maintaining a secure and effective digital learning environment for students, the Division is implementing an important update to its cybersecurity protocols Jan. 19, 2024.

Enhanced Location-based Security for Student Accounts

Starting Jan. 19, 2024, access to student user accounts—used for platforms like PowerSchool, Brightspace and Google—will be limited to within Canada's geographical boundaries. This change is an essential step in strengthening our cyber defenses and ensuring the digital safety of students.

What Does This Mean for You and Your Child?

Location-limited Access: Your child's account will be accessible only when they’re physically located in Canada. This includes all activities related to their schoolwork, such as submitting assignments, accessing study materials or sending EIPS account emails.

Seamless In-country Use: While in Canada, students will experience no change in how they access and use their accounts. The process remains as straightforward and user-friendly as always.

PowerSchool Access for Parents and Caregivers: This change will NOT impact parent and caregiver access to PowerSchool during periods of travel.

Why This Change?

The safety and privacy of students are paramount. This location-based access control is a proactive measure to prevent unauthorized access to students' accounts and protect sensitive information from potential cyber threats.


For more information, contact the school office at (780)922-2228.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter. Together, we can ensure a secure and thriving digital learning environment for all students.

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