CALM - Course Outline

Career and Life Management is a compulsory three credit course, without which a student will not receive a high school diploma. You have the opportunity to get up to 3 other CTS credits as well as your other 3.

Well Being:  Understanding of self, developing positive attitudes, nutrition, exercise, eating disorders, performance enhancing drugs, smoking, drugs, stress, and mental illness.

Careers and the World of Work:  Completion of Individual Portfolios, letter writing, application forms, resumes, interviews, sexual harassment, exposure to different post-secondary institutions.

Independent Living:  Preparation for living on your own, personal safety, banking, budgeting, insurance.

Human Sexuality:  Sexuality, assertiveness, decision making, anatomy, personal health care, birth control, sexually transmitted diseases, sexual orientation, dating, violence, marriage – what make it work, legal considerations before, during and after marriage.

We will have a number of expert speakers that will cover a number of these topics.

Evaluation:  Course is weighed equally on the above – 4 Units equally based on assignments and group work completed in class.

Class Expectations:

  1. Treat the space, visitors, and your classmates, and teachers the way you would like to be treated.
  2. Communication is the key to everyone getting along, and to your success. If you need something – Ask.  If you are not sure what to do – Ask.  If you need to borrow something – Ask.  If you have difficulties – Ask.
  3. If absent, you are still responsible for completing course work.
  4. Progress Reports and Phone calls will be made regarding your marks and assignments.
  5. Assignments must be completed by the end of each unit. If not completed by the end of the unit a mark of zero will be given.
  6. Keep the space in good shape.
  7. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated and will be dealt with accordingly.
  8. Strive for EXCELLENCE.

    I will inform you before each project what the criteria are and the weight of the project is.

 Have a great semester! Mrs. L. McCay